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Custom Fencing Company Near Columbia, SC

When it comes to installing a new fence on your Columbia, SC residential or commercial property, having it customized to your unique needs and specifications is key.

As the premier local fencing contractors, Fence Company Columbia SC specializes in completely custom fence installations including design, materials, height, style and more.

We work closely with each customer in the Columbia area to create durable, long-lasting wood, vinyl, chain link or ornamental metal fences tailored specifically for their property.

With over 15 years of experience installing customized fencing solutions in Columbia, SC and surrounding towns, our fencing contractors have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

We handle the entire process from start to finish including free quotes, fencing design consulting, permitting, precise installation and more.

Every material we use from wood types to vinyl and metal colors are specially chosen by you so that the new perimeter fencing matches your home’s style and functions as needed on your property whether residential or commercial.

As a fully licensed and insured local Columbia, SC fencing company, we also stand behind our craftsmanship and customized fencing work.

That means in addition to upfront pricing with no hidden fees, each custom fence installation also comes backed by industry-leading warranties on all labor and materials for your peace of mind.

When you’re looking to have a new custom wood, vinyl, chain link or ornamental metal fence installed on your Columbia, SC property, Fence Company Columbia SC has the expertise to make it happen.

Process We Follow for Custom Fencing

Installing a customized fence requires careful planning, expert execution and clear communication every step of the way to ensure the final product meets the customer’s unique specifications. Here is a detailed overview of Fence Company Columbia SC’s process for custom fence installations:

Initial Property Evaluation & Fencing Consultation

  • Initial site evaluation of property for fencing needs/goals
  • In-depth fencing consultation reviewing options – 300 words

The process starts by having one of our professional fencing experts come evaluate your Columbia, SC residential or commercial property to understand your unique needs and specifications for a new custom fence. We will discuss important considerations like purpose of fencing, areas to be enclosed, limitations on fencing height/length based on property lines and local building codes, gate locations and more.

Our team will also provide guidance on different fencing materials and styles that could work for your property like wood, vinyl, chain link and ornamental metal fencing. For example, if price is the main concern we may recommend standard galvanized chain link or if you want an added layer of privacy with a wood-like aesthetic, vinyl could be the ideal fencing material.

No matter what type of fence you’re interested in, we help explore the various options in terms of durability, pricing, aesthetics, ease of maintenance and more so that the final customized fencing solution checks all the right boxes for your residential or commercial property.

Design & Planning for Custom Fencing

  • Consulting on ideal fencing height, length, materials choices
  • Developing a customized fencing installation plan
  • Guidance on colors, textures, accents that meet customer preferences
  • 450 words

Once we understand the goals and possibilities after the initial consultation, our Columbia SC fencing installation experts will develop a tailored design and material plan for your custom fence.

This proposal will outline specifics like exactly where on your property the fencing will be installed, the height and length of each fence section, corners and gates to access areas that need to be enclosed, the fencing materials selected and more.

If certain municipal codes restrict the height or length of fencing on parts of your residential or commercial property in Columbia, SC, we will adapt the design plan accordingly. Our planning also factors in allowing enough room between the fence and physical structures like your home for future maintenance needs or replacing materials down the road when needed.

For the materials, we will present fence style options in the category chosen like wood, vinyl or metal that not only meets functional requirements but also matches your preferred aesthetic for colors, textures, decorative accents and more.

For example, if opting for a custom ornamental aluminum fence, we would guide you through finishes from black powder coated to copper-toned depending on the look you want to achieve.

No matter what type of custom fencing is selected, our experts handle all the small but important details from getting measurements exactly right during planning to choosing durable, quality-crafted materials that uphold your specifications.

Ordering Custom Fencing Materials

  • Sourcing/ordering all necessary fencing materials
  • Scheduling delivery dates based on project timeline
  • 150 words

Once we have finalized the design plan and material selections for your residential or commercial custom fencing project in Columbia, SC, our team places orders for everything needed from the fencing panels to posts and hardware. We only source from reputable, American-made fencing manufacturers that meet rigorous quality-control standards for durability, longevity and appearance.

Our experts also schedule precise delivery dates for all the necessary custom fencing materials based on the project timeline we establish with you upfront.

This helps ensure the specialized materials like custom cut wood panels, decorative metal fences and more arrive in a timely manner so installation can begin on schedule. Proper planning prevents potentially long lead times from delaying your Columbia, SC custom fencing project.

Precise Installation of Custom Fencing

  • Precise digging/installation of fence posts
  • Securing custom fencing materials/panels between posts
  • Adding any decorative accents, gates, lighting etc.
  • Clean up & haul away debris
  • 500 words

Once the custom fencing materials arrive at your residential or commercial property in Columbia, SC, our professional team gets to work on precise installation. We dig deep post holes using equipment like augers along the entire perimeter where your new wood, vinyl or metal fence will stand on your landscape.

The fence posts are then secured in concrete at just the right heights and spacing depending on the custom fencing panels and design specifications.

As sections of your new customized fence take shape, we also install and test any gates ensuring proper functionality and clearance. Decorative fence lights, caps and accents that were chosen are also seamlessly integrated to finish off your unique fencing aesthetics.

Our Columbia, SC fencing contractors take great care when handling and erecting your customized wood, vinyl or metal fence panels between the secured posts. Each section is aligned, leveled and attached properly to create a cohesive, durable perimeter fence that meets the agreed upon specifications tailored to your property.

Throughout the installation, our crew will keep your property tidy by cleaning up any debris or excess materials. Once the new custom fence installation is complete, we do a final walkthrough with you to address any questions or small tweaks to get your approval.

We’ll also haul away all remaining equipment and waste then provide guidance on maintaining your new customized wood, vinyl or ornamental metal fencing solution in Columbia, SC.

Cost of Custom Fencing in Columbia, SC

Pricing for custom fencing installation in Columbia, SC varies based on:

  • Fencing materials chosen – wood, vinyl, chain link, ornamental metal
  • Length/size of fenced-in area
  • Height of fence
  • Decorative accents – lattice, gates, lighting
  • Whether permitting/surveying is required

With so many factors impacting overall investment, Fence Company Columbia SC provides free, no obligation quotes for all custom fencing projects so you know exactly what to budget.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years combined experience designing, building, and installing fences to meet each client’s unique needs.


We customize each fence to match your home’s style and architecture using 3D design software for accuracy.

Quality Materials

Only the best cedar, vinyl, aluminum materials that are built to last for decades even in extreme weather conditions.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs fences with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

We follow up on all projects and provide a satisfaction guarantee – your happiness is our top priority.


With bulk supplier discounts, we can offer very competitive rates on all fence products and installations.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Columbia, SC

FAQs About Custom Fencing in Columbia, South Carolina

What are the most popular fencing materials for custom installations?

Customers looking for wood-like aesthetics often choose vinyl fencing since it’s more durable and low maintenance than natural wood over time while still offering an attractive, customizable look. For those prioritizing security, ornamental aluminum or steel fencing provides a tall, decorative perimeter barrier preventing climbing. Chain link fencing is another effective yet economical option used on both commercial and residential properties requiring sturdy, see-through containment.

What factors determine the cost of custom fencing?

The main factors impacting custom fencing costs are materials chosen, fence height/length to enclose desired area and any decorative accents or lighting added. Complex installations requiring extensive excavation, tree removal or supplemental structural supports also increase overall price but our Columbia, SC team provides detailed quotes accounting for all these variables.

How long does installation of a new customized fence take?

Most standard custom fencing projects take our professional Columbia, SC crew 1-2 weeks total from start to finish. More complex jobs with acres of fencing, challenging terrain or extensive decorative elements may run longer. We give each customer a specific timeline estimate before starting so you know what to expect.

Can you match my home’s existing fencing if damaged sections need replacement?

Yes, even if we didn’t do the original install, our fencing experts can closely match existing materials and styles when replacing storm damaged sections or installing additions to current perimeter fencing. We source quality materials that offer the most uniform consistency for seamless transitions between new and existing fence lines.

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