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When it comes to protecting your home or business, security fencing is the first line of defense.

No matter your needs – privacy, intrusion prevention, or perimeter security – our expert fencing contractors in Columbia, SC have the experience to recommend, customize, and install the ideal fencing solution.

With over 10 years serving homeowners and businesses in Columbia and the surrounding areas, our team takes a holistic approach to security fencing.

From initial site evaluation and security assessment to material selection, customization options, permitting, and hassle-free installation, we handle the entire process start to finish.

Our goal is simple: provide the layered security and peace of mind that comes from a professionally installed fence.

Unlike flimsy or DIY fences vulnerable to breaching, our security fences are designed to stay intact and keep unwanted intruders out.

We use premium commercial-grade materials able to withstand repeated force. Gates are reinforced; metal components feature advanced coatings to prevent rust and corrosion.

And professional installation ensures a perfectly straight, level fence without compromising structural integrity. No gaps, no weaknesses in the perimeter. Just robust protection.

While an imposing fence may deter potential intruders, our fences blend security with aesthetics for an attractive enhancement to your property.

Whether aluminum, steel, or iron – with or without pickets or rails – we have options to match your style and budget.

And for an added layer of protection without sacrificing curb appeal, we recommend complementing your security fence with thorny bushes, security cameras, or subtle motion-activated lighting.

Don’t leave the security of your property up to chance. Our expert fence team has the expertise to customize an effective security solution tailored to your unique needs, property parameters, and budget. Contact us today for a free assessment and quote!

Process We Follow for Security Fencing

When you choose us for your security fencing needs, you get an optimized process focused on safety, seamless experience, and fence longevity from start to finish:

Security Assessment and Initial Consultation

  • We start by coming to your property for an on-site evaluation. We assess your security vulnerabilities and unique parameters that will impact the fencing design like acreage size, terrain, existing structures and foliage, property entry/exit points, and weather conditions.
  • Next, we discuss your specific security concerns and must-have fence features along with factors like privacy level, aesthetics, budget, future plans for the property, and timing.
  • Our experts make preliminary recommendations regarding fence type, placement, height, and accents like gates, lighting, or barbed wire. We can address any considerations for code compliance, permits, HOA regulations, or other restrictions.
  • By the end of the initial consultation, you’ll understand all your fence possibilities along with pros, cons, and costs so you can make an informed decision on how best to secure your property with an integrated fence solution.

Full Fence Design and Estimate

  • With the goals, priorities, and property specifics clarified, we move to the design phase. Our team creates a detailed custom fence design plan just for your property. This full-color rendering shows you exactly what your security fence will look like once installed.
  • We fine-tune the specifics like precise fence alignment, corner angles, and spacing between posts. The chosen fence style, height, and features are finalized. We determine the ideal fence materials and necessary hardware like hinges, brackets, or locking mechanisms.
  • Your design plan also indicates any special considerations for terrain issues, retaining walls, vegetation clearing, or digging around existing structures and utilities.
  • Along with your virtual fence visualization, you receive a complete written estimate outlining all labor, materials, site preparation work, permits, project timetable, and warranty details. There are no hidden costs or surprise fees down the road.

Material Procurement

  • After signing off on your fence design and estimate, we handle procuring all the necessary fencing materials customized for your project. This includes the fencing panels or rolls, posts, gates, hardware, concrete, gravel, and any accessories like barbed wire.
  • Our trusted suppliers provide commercial-grade materials designed for optimal security, strength, and durability. We only use materials compliant with local building codes and backed by strong manufacturer warranties (minimum 1 year).
  • All materials are pre-ordered, pre-cut, and ready for efficient installation day-of. Nothing is left to chance.

Permitting and Site Preparation

  • Prior to installation, we take care of submitting all paperwork and obtaining the required permits for your fencing project. We also handle any HOA approval or requirements.
  • Our team prepares the site by removing any existing fences or vegetation that conflict with your new security fence footprint. The ground is graded; problem areas prone to erosion are fortified. Proper drainage is established around the perimeter.
  • For extra security, we may recommend an underground concrete footer be poured to anchor the fence posts depending on fence height and wind conditions in your location.
  • Pre-drilling post holes based on soil conditions may also be advised to keep your fence posts properly aligned and securely anchored for maximum stability. All site preparation aims to ensure your fence withstands the elements and stands the test of time.

Professional Installation

  • With all materials and prep work complete, our experienced fencing technicians get to work installing your new security fence. We take care to protect your property, plants, and structures throughout the process.
  • Working systematically around the perimeter, our crew digs precise post holes, sets and secures the posts, attaches panels between posts, and hangs gates & accessories like barbed wire with care for proper operation.
  • For the strongest fence with cleanest sightlines, we use string lines and laser leveling to ensure all posts and panels align perfectly. Meticulous measurements confirm the exact fence height and spacing between pickets.
  • All gate hardware is adjusted and tested for smooth latching and swung clearance. Our quality control checks prevent any vulnerability or flaw that compromises security.
  • Throughout installation, we contain debris and keep the site tidy. Safety is also paramount; our crew wears high-visibility vests and sets up traffic cones/barriers if needed.

Finishing Touches and Cleanup

  • As we wrap up, the finishing touches are applied to maximize durability and aesthetic appeal. Fence posts are capped; panels are treated with protective sealants or UV-resistant coatings per manufacturer specifications.
  • Once your security fence installation passes our final quality inspection, we clean up the entire site. Work areas are cleared of excess materials and restored to original condition.
  • Lastly, we do a final walkthrough with you to ensure complete satisfaction and answer any questions about fence care & maintenance. Your new custom security fence is now providing robust protection and peace of mind for years to come!

Cost of Security Fencing in Columbia, SC

There are a range of factors that impact the cost of installing security fencing in Columbia, SC:

  • Fence Material – This includes wood, chain link, aluminum, steel, iron, etc. Higher-end ornamental iron or steel fences range from $25-$100 per linear foot installed. Standard chain link and wood cost $10-$25 per linear foot.
  • Fence Height – Taller privacy fences up to 8 feet high cost more due to additional materials and reinforced footings. Expect pricing $5-$10 more per linear foot.
  • Fence Length – More linear feet require more materials. Longer spans usually mean quantity discounts.
  • Terrain – Special site prep and labor for slopes or uneven ground add cost. Stable, flat sites are most budget-friendly.
  • Access – Limited access for equipment and materials leads to higher labor costs.
  • Gates – Drive gates are more intricate than pedestrian gates with hardware, automated openers, keypads adding $2,000-$10,000 depending on features.
  • Permits – Some municipalities require fencing permits adding $150-$300 in fees on average.

Great Reasons to Choose Us


Our team has over 10 years combined experience designing, building, and installing fences to meet each client’s unique needs.


We customize each fence to match your home’s style and architecture using 3D design software for accuracy.

Quality Materials

Only the best cedar, vinyl, aluminum materials that are built to last for decades even in extreme weather conditions.

Professional Installation

Our uniformed crew neatly and efficiently installs fences with minimal disruption to your property.

Customer Satisfaction

We follow up on all projects and provide a satisfaction guarantee – your happiness is our top priority.


With bulk supplier discounts, we can offer very competitive rates on all fence products and installations.

Examples of Our Fence Projects in Columbia, SC

FAQs About Security Fencing in Columbia, South Carolina

What are the most secure types of fencing?

For optimal intrusion prevention, we recommend iron, steel, or aluminum fences up to 8 ft. tall. Avoid wood fencing for security purposes. Chain link, topped with barbed wire, also deters crime.

What factors impact the cost of a security fence?

Fence material, length, height, terrain, gates, permits, and labor influence cost. Higher-end metal, more feet, height over 6 ft., slopes, multiple gates, permits, and limited access increase price.

How long does it take to install a security fence?

Once materials and permits are secured, most standard security fences take 1-2 days to fully install. More complex projects with gates, site prep

Do I need a permit for a security fence?

Most security fences over 6 ft. tall require a permit. We handle the permitting process for you. There are fees around $150-$300 depending on the city.

How much space is needed between the security fence and property line?

We recommend 1-3 feet between your fence and property line. Check local regulations, but this gives room for maintenance without encroaching.

What is the best height for a security fence?

6-8 feet is ideal. Under 6 feet and intruders can easily jump the fence. Over 8 feet requires reinforced footings and may not comply with height regulations.

How often do security fences need maintenance?

Annual inspections ensure optimum performance. Expect touch-ups every 2-3 years. Proactive maintenance prevents degradation and security breaches.

What can I do if my HOA does not allow security fencing?

Some HOAs prohibit certain fence types, materials, or heights. We can suggest compliant options that still improve security like short picket fences or shrub barriers.

Should I electrify my fence for added security?

Electric fencing can be an effective deterrent but may not be legal in all areas. Maintenance is also critical. We recommend exploring cameras, lighting, or barbed wire instead in most cases.

Is a fence or security system better for property protection?

For optimal security, the two work best together. Physical barriers like fencing prevent immediate intrusion while systems alert authorities of a breach attempt.

How can I boost privacy with a security fence?

Privacy slats, reduced spacing between pickets, solid panels vs mesh, strategic landscaping, or increased fence height are good options.

Will a security fence detract from my home’s curb appeal?

Not if designed well. We recommend materials and styling that blend security, privacy, and attractiveness for any home exterior.

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